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The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) announces its desire to rent a building for its employees in the city of Riyadh


The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) announces its desire to rent a building for its employees in the city of Riyadh, according to the following: 

1. Rental will be in accordance with the executive regulations of the state's rental and eviction system for real estate.  

2. The building must be new (or under construction), preferably not more than 10-year old from the date of completion of construction. It must be in a good architectural condition, and must be located on main and spacious streets, where it can be accessed easily through different main streets.  

3. The location must be in the north of Riyadh city within the geographical scope (King Abdullah Road (South), Special Forces Street (North), Eastern Ring- Airport Road (East) and King Khalid Road (West). 

4. The office space of the required building must not be less than 15000 square meters, and not more than 30000 meters. 

5. The building must be thermally insulated as per the requirements of Saudi code. 

6. The building must have public elevators to serve multiple floors, in addition to service elevators.  

7. The building should have 200- 500 parking spaces, in addition to parking spaces for visitors. 

8. The building must have open areas that can be used for different purposes such as meeting and training halls. A stage area is preferable. 

9. The building’s architectural, electrical, mechanical, constructional, and implementation plans must be available.  A report that confirms the security and safety of the construction must be submitted too. The building must be equipped with all services including water, electricity and telephone, and the plans must have all the details of the entities implementing the services. 

10. The owner shall repair all construction defects that limit the continued use of the property, at his own expense.

11. The property must have separate electricity and water meters. 

12. The building must have telephone and IT networks.  

13. The building must have sufficient number of public and private toilets, in addition to toilets for persons with disabilities. 

14. The building must not be evicted by a government entity based on the owner request. 

15. The owner should not be one of the employees of GASTAT. 

16. The required rental period is (3 years), and can be renewed. 

17. The bid must include a copy of the deed, construction license, certificate from the Civil Defense, certificate from an engineering consultation office, a plan that shows the location in Riyadh city, in addition to the owner’s address and telephone number.  

18. The rental will be according to what the inspection committee deems appropriate, which will depend entirely on the best available bids, in a manner that serves the work of the Authority. 

Bids must be submitted and delivered to the Director of the Procurement Department and entitled (Tender for renting a building for the employees of the General Authority for Statistics) and delivered to the following address (Tamkeen Tower, Olaya Road, sixth floor, Procurement Department) no later than the end of Monday 06/07/1443 AH corresponding to 01/10/2022. The envelopes will be opened at the same location on Tuesday 08/06/1443 AH corresponding to 01/01/2022 at 11 am. For inquiries, please contact Mr. Adel Al-Saleh 

Mobile: 0508030606


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