18 Jun 2024

Last update 30 / 04 / 2024

Policies and Strategies

Policies of Saudi Arabia’s statistics dissemination

Statistics are the most important components of the information infrastructure for all planning processes, developmental decision-making and policy-making in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, they are considered the most researched information by all regional and international organizations media channels, researchers and scholars, as they are based on studies, reports and publications. The policy of statistics dissemination has been prepared in order to organize and activate the dissemination of statistics between GASTAT and public entities, private establishments and others. For more information click here.


General policies for the implementation of statistical surveys in Saudi Arabia

Statistical surveys are one of the most important sources of data collection and statistical indicators which support decision makers in various economic and social fields in Saudi Arabia. Since GASTAT is the only official statistical reference in Saudi Arabia, these policies were developed to determine GASTAT’s supervisory, technical and financial responsibilities and identify the role of the public entities, private establishments and other entities that implement statistical surveys. For more information click here.


Freedom of Information Policy

Open data programs and policies are usually prepared and developed to support the national economic and innovation agenda.  Undoubtedly, availability and dissemination of a specific set of public information for researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-ups helps to create an environment conducive to business growth and indicates an open and transparent systems. click here


Quality Policy

The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) is dedicated to enhancing the implementation of quality standards to monitor the performance of its various departments and to coordinate with relevant external entities accurately and professionally. click here

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