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GASTAT releases the results of Industrial Activity Survey 2018


According to the results of Industrial Activity Survey

GASTAT releases the results of Industrial Activity Survey 2018


On Thursday 17 Rabe’a Alawwal 1441 H, corresponding to 14 November 2019, the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) released the results of “Industrial Activity Survey 2018” and published it on its official website

The Industrial Activity Survey is one of the specialized surveys that are conducted annually. It relies on field data that are completed through visits to industrial establishments all over Saudi Arabia. The results of this survey include more than nineteen statistical indicators that are related to the characteristics and components of both the public and private establishments in all the regions of Saudi Arabia. It includes the activities of mining and quarrying, manufacturing, supply of electricity and gas, steam, air conditioning, water supply, sewerage activities, and waste management and process. The results of this survey provide detailed and accurate data that meet the needs of related entities in a way that compiles with the international recommendations associated with the Industrial Activity Survey.

The results of the Industrial Activity Survey showed that the number of industrial establishments in Saudi Arabia reached (111,934) establishments. They include (1,140,636) workers with a decrease percentage by (8%) compared to last year. The value of industrial establishments’ operating revenues reached (1,796,868) Trillion SAR in 2018, with an increase by (18%) compared to last year. However, the non-oil industrial establishments’ revenues increased by (27.6%) compared to last year registering (554,384) Million SAR.

According to the results, the industrial establishments’ operating expenses exceeded (530,256) Million SAR, whereas the average monthly compensations of an industrial establishment’s worker registered (6,739) SAR with an increase by (2%) compared to last year.

The results also revealed that the Eastern Region recorded the highest percentage of workers in the field of industrial activity with (33%), followed by Riyadh region with (30%), them Makkah region with (22%).


It is worth mentioning that GASTAT releases a number of statistical products that are related to industry in addition to the Industrial Activity Survey such as the Index of Industrial Production which measures the percentage change and development of the quantities of goods and material production, the Environment’s Industrial Economic Survey which reflects the establishments’ water and energy consumption patterns in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the wastes and potential environmental  effects resulting from these activities

The Industrial Activity Survey is the third statistical product issued by GASTAT in the field of industry. It aims at providing comprehensive industrial statistics from all regions of Saudi Arabia such as the statistics of workers and their compensations, operating and transferring expenses, industrial production size, value, revenues, and contribution to GDP.