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Statistical knowledge

Statistical Sector in Saudi Arabia

The statistical sector in Saudi Arabia is made up of a number of entities including the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) situated at the heart of the industry to activate and coordinate the inclusive statistical procedures carried out by directorates, units and departments. 

Applying Inspection Methods in Statistical Surveys

The survey sample is part of a community that gives a real image from which to get information and to picture its reality in order to achieve the objectives of the statistical surveys and put up communicable cost-effective outcomes. In this context, only statistical entities can minutely manage sample survey questionnaires because they have the...

Recognized Areas of Statistics

Statistics has a direct connection with all other sciences,. aAs it is know that thea matter of fact, development of anyno science mainly dependscould develop without facts and statistics. However, it's acknowledged that there are five specific areas acknowledged as of exactly statistics,;

Official & Non-Official Statistics

According to the Saudi General Statistics Law and the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) Regulations, the official statistics are that statistical analyses (statements, information or indicators) issued by the GaStat while any other report issued by different entity shall be counted 'non-statistical' work