03 Oct 2023

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Statistical knowledge

Relation between Statistics & Economics

It is difficult to drop a distinction between statistics and economics jobs. Any study on economics is envisaged to provide plans, assessments and predictions either for a private project or the national economy as the duo need enough information and data of study parameters. 

Relation between Statistics & Accounting Sciences

The modern accounting techniques are the fruits of statistical theories which were impeded in the accounting sciences. So, the accounting sciences are here thanks to a group of statistical rules, principles and theories. It is mainly depending on theories of statistics to present subjects in a neutral simplicity. 

Importance of Statistical Methods

The statistical method which is applied to a study is the right way to secure goal setting and achievement whether it is meant to apperceive social and economic phenomena or to study specific or expected issue to find the appropriate solution.

Phases of Statistical Work

Ahead to a field mission, the subject phenomena shall be named for study and research. To this end, the sampling unit, the survey group and the scheme of the main objectives shall be put in place.