03 Oct 2023

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Statistical knowledge

Statistics and its Relation to Natural Science

Nowadays, most of laboratory studies depend on the statistical approach as a way to implement and design experiments. The Probability and Sample Theory plays a major role in this fieldscientific research, whether it is: in chemicalstry, agriculturale, pharmaceuticaly, medicaline, engineering, or any other field concerned withclassified as...

Statistics and Its Relation to Pure Mathematics

The relationship between Statistical science and pure mathematics is strong, and many statistical theories formation depends on mathematical approaches in the development and use of alternative methods for presentation. Many mathematical distributions are put in mathematical equations that have many variables. The mathematical process of these...

Statistics and Its Relation to Econometrics

By Eeconometrics method can be identified as the case, in whichis meant the method where economic theories and issues are mathematically modeled expressed using mathematical samples models andthat takinge into account the nature of hypotheses specifying conditions of the mathematical formula of samplessuch models, namely the external factors...

Statistics and Its Relation to Mathematical Economics

Assuming that mathematical economics is the application of mathematics to express theories and relations among economic phenomena variables, taking the advantage that using the mathematical approach to express economic problems would make it easier and simpler when presenting such problems,