02 Oct 2023

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Statistical knowledge

Statistical awareness.. to be connected

Awareness is the first step in the process of decision and policy making that focuses on humans. Awareness is a logical sign that proves that capabilities of human minds. If you can be connected with everything around you constantly and directly, that means you already started the most important step of awareness which is “ knowledge”. When we...

The Importance of Statistical Work Development

The statistical work faces many challenges that exist in all countries of the world; the most important of these challenges is the mechanism of developing statistical programs and tracks to serve the development sector in all fields. And to keep abreast with the latest international best practices and experiences in the economies of developed...

Statistical work procedures

One of the most important success factors in the statistical work journey is organizing the statistical work according to scientific and practical rules and procedures. Its importance emerged from the need for producing high quality and accurate statistics that rely on the most recent international standards and practices in the field of...

Statistics and its Relation to Humanities

The great technological development in all fields was accompanied by development in all humanities. This has been well manifested in developing new ways to address the social, philosophical and psychological topics and so on. Natural sciences have also become among the most important assisting resources in carrying out social research.