23 May 2024

Last update 13 / 11 / 2017

Data quality control in manpower survey

The data quality control, which is conducted concurrently with data collection, is considered one of the most important stages in the survey's executive works when a fully automated system is adopted with certain regulations to control data entry, to find errors and notes on forms and to fix them under a supervisor after recurring to the household if necessary.

In addition, quality control stage involves following-up and studying daily reports coming from respective operation room, then preparing periodical reports on field work progress and submitting them to officials of the General Authority for Statistics by the administrative department supervising the survey. 

This stage also includes field visits by the supervisor, managers and specialists to get acquainted with the process of data collection, entry and processing and following up how far instructions are being implemented for the sake of getting the best accurate results. The field visits focus on the most important cities in the survey, particularly in terms of the technical aspects but without ignoring the administrative aspect. This can be done by applying pre-prepared forms for this purpose that includes taking a sample of forms at the researcher's level and viewing the process of data entry and processing and filling in the field tour form that includes the rate of satisfaction about the organization of the office and field work.

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