23 May 2024

Last update 13 / 11 / 2017

Main questions addressed by manpower survey (survey goals)

The manpower survey poses questions regarding the volume of workforce and its various characteristics, rates of employment and unemployment and economic partnership and dependency. It aims to achieve a number of goals, the most important of which are as follows:

1-Providing detailed data about national and foreign workers according to demographics and social and economic characteristics;

2-Measuring the rates of employment and unemployment and economic partnership and dependency according to numerous variables;

3-Providing data about training programs for job-seekers;

4-Recognizing the previous experience of job-seekers, who had previously worked;

5-Providing data about employees and the unemployed according to their scientific qualifications and specialties;

6-Recognizing the professional makeup and economic activity of employees according to a number of variables;

7-Recognizing the average monthly salary for employees;

8-Providing data about the average weekly work hours according to employees’ profession and economic activity;

9-Providing detailed data about job-seekers; and

10-Providing data about organized and disorganized labor

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