23 May 2024

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Household Energy Survey Team - Groups and Responsibilities

The household energy survey team involves 650 field surveyors to collect data from target groups, using tablets to fill in forms and enter data.

The survey field team includes three groups, namely supervisors, inspectors and surveyors, as well as a technical support officer. Each group has its specific tasks and responsibilities.

The survey groups are divided into:

He is the first-level administrative and technical officer responsible for carrying out the field and desk works in his area of operation, in addition to coordination with concerned agencies to facilitate the field surveyors’ tasks. His area of operation is an administrative region.

·Supervisor's Area of Operation :
It consists of an administrative region and covers a number of areas for inspectors and surveyors.

he is responsible for field and desk works in his respective area, and supervises a number of surveyors.

·Inspector's Area of Operation :
It includes a number of counting areas. On average, it includes a sample of 560 - 700 households distributed among 5 surveyors, serialized in the inspector's area of operation.

He is responsible for household data in his area.

·Surveyor's Area of Operation :
It involves a number of counting areas selected for survey from 4 to 5 areas, based on each area's circumstances. Surveyors are serialized within the inspector's area.

·Technical Support Officer:
He provides technical support to the automated system in surveying the labor force in his area.
To follow up the implementation of field works, GASTat will designate some officials to visit fields and follow up surveyors to review work progress and ensure unified implementation according to stipulated regulations, as well as fullness and accuracy of data.        

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