16 Jun 2024

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Key questions answered in the Household Energy Survey (Household Energy Survey Objectives)

The Household Energy Survey poses questions on household consumption of electricity and petroleum products, as well as the use of various energy and fuel sources in different activities. The survey seeks to secure a number of objectives, including:
1. Providing data on residence characteristics, such as type, components and air-conditioned areas.
2. Obtaining realistic estimates on consumption of various energy types in the domestic sector.
3. Identifying the impact of economic, social and geographical variables on energy consumption.
4. Providing data on household consumption of various fuel types.
5. Providing data on energy consumption in the domestic sector to supplement the primary consumption coverage of various energy forms, which contributes to the preparation of energy balance.
6. Identifying patterns of energy consumption and the forms of energy used in the domestic sector.
7. Identifying the community behavior in energy consumption by type and source.
8. Creating a statistical database with indicators on energy consumption in the domestic sector across the Kingdom’s provinces, including:
Data on household consumption of various petroleum products.
Data on household consumption of electricity.
Data on household consumption of biomass (fuelwood, coal, agricultural waste).
Usage of fuel and energy types based on different activities such as (medical, air-condoning, lighting, heating, food preservation).
Energy consumption by type (fuel, electricity, fuelwood, coal ... etc).
9. Identifying key instructional media in electric energy consumption.  

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