Sun, 20 06 1443 | 23 Jan 2022

GASTAT implements statistical surveys over phone

The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) is preparing to implement a number of statistical works, in addition to other economic and social field surveys in all (13) administrative regions of Saudi Arabia including cities and governorates. In terms of the economic statistical works, a number of surveys will be implemented, where they target establishments that work in public, private and non-profit sectors aiming to provide detailed economic data. They also aim to prepare indicators that help in identifying the economic activities growth rates in Saudi Arabia currently. 
GASTAT said that due to the Corona Pandemic, and following the worked upon preventative measures, the required statistical works and field surveys will be implemented through the statistical phone. All selected statistical samples will be contacted soon to represent the whole Saudi society. The method of contact will follow certain statistical rules, standards and principals, and GASTAT representatives will contact the samples through the statistical phone number (920020081) to collect required data and information officially. 
One of the surveys that will be carried out through the statistical phone is the Labor Force Survey which aims to provide detailed data on the national labor force of Saudi Arabia. It also provides a number of labor market indicators; measures the rates of employment and unemployment; provides data on employed, unemployed and jobseekers; identifies the average monthly wage of employees; provides data on the average actual weekly working hours by occupation and economic activity of employees. 
It is necessary to mention that the General Authority for Statistics provides the required statistical data and information as part of its role in supporting the national transformation and achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. These statistical data and information represent the base line for planning and decision making either at the country level or at the levels of individuals and establishments, taking into account that accurate data and statistics enable decision and policy makers to set the sustainable development plans based on sound scientific principles. Moreover, the provision of statistical data and information is one of the important requirements used for comparing Saudi Arabia with other countries, and raising its rank in the field of international competitiveness. 
The General Authority for Statistics calls on all citizens and residents – individuals and establishments-  to cooperate seriously with its representatives over phone, by providing them with all required data and information. Their contribution in providing such accurate data is considered a national duty that would support the development of Saudi Arabia in all fields. It is also considered an important step in the progress of all business and production sectors in our beloved country. The results of field surveys represent one of the basic pillars of developmental decision making at all related levels. 
It is worth mentioning that by virtue of the General Statistics Law issued by cabinet of ministers, all data and information provided by citizens, residents and establishments are kept confidential, and dealt with as an information base in all statistical works. The cooperation of everybody with the statistical researchers who will collect required information officially over statistical phone is one of the success pillars for statistical works, where these information can be also used in supporting the social and economic development plans in Saudi Arabia.  
Note that the General Authority for Statistics follows approved international standards in selecting the statistical samples that will be contacted via phone to collect required data. These samples are part of the statistical population that is usually selected based on adopted statistical methods. The sample must represent the population under study and must include the characteristics of this population, until the results are published as official statistics. Once the implementation of these works is completed, GASTAT will extract their statistical results and publish them on its official website (