Mon, 10 03 1442 | 26 Oct 2020

GASTAT: Implementation of "Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Businesses Survey" confirms the leadership's keenness to support Businesses

The implementation of the "Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact  on Businesses Survey" announced last week confirms the leadership's keenness to support businesses, based on reliable statistical data, which reflects the reality of decision and policy making for businesses under the novel Coronavirus crisis, said the Deputy of Strategic Communication and Client Support, Mohammed Al-Dakhini.


He explained that carrying out this Survey by the General Authority for Statistics and related government agencies  was to track the expected effects of the pandemic on enterprises, where it aims to measure the magnitude of the impact by comparing data and information before and after the Corona pandemic, pointing out that the survey targets all businesses of different sizes and geographical ranges.


Al-Dakhini invited all businesses to participate in the survey by filling out the electronic questionnaire available on the official portal of the General Authority for Statistics   , stating that the process will not take more than 15 minutes, as it consists of seven sections: (business information, manpower, corona pandemic impact, financial impact, subsidies and government support, future expectations for  the establishment, and contact information).


He stressed that according to the general statistics system issued by the Council of Ministers, all the information and data provided by the establishment are kept and dealt with in complete confidentiality, pointing out that the General Authority for Statistics provides through its means of communication the support to interpret  and facilitate the completion of the questionnaire.


It is worth mentioning that the General Authority for Statistics is the only official statistical reference for statistical data and information in the Kingdom, where it carries out all statistical work, supervises  the statistical sector, designs and implements field surveys, conducts statistical studies and research, and analyzes data and information. In fact, it is responsible for the documentation and preservation of all statistical data that cover all aspects of life in the Kingdom from its multiple sources, tabulating and analyzing those data and extract their statistical indicators as well.