25 May 2024

Last update 30 / 11 / 2023

Main Functions and Tasks of the General Authority for Statistics


1.    Implementation of the statistical work and technical supervision and regulation of the Saudi Statistics & Information Sector, as part of the tasks assigned to the General Authority for Statistics in its capacity as the only official statistical reference. 
2.    Preparation, implementation and update of the Kingdom’s national strategy for statistical work, in coordination with relevant entities.  
3.    Application of generally accepted international standards that include the development of a statistical method, preparation and implementation of surveys, studies and research, analysis of data and information, as well as implementation of all acts of data documentation and maintenance. 
4.    Collection, classification, analysis and extraction of the indicators of statistical data and information that cover all aspects of life within the Kingdom from various sources, such as surveys, censuses or administrative records of the public entities or private establishments.
5.    Preparation, update, and development of national statistical guides and classifications in accordance with international standards, when necessary.
6.    Preparation and publication of statistical bulletins and reports of surveys and research.
7.    Supervision of the creation of a comprehensive system of national statistical databases for different statistical areas.
8.    Creation of a central information system at the national level that can be automatically associated with all public entities.
9.    Provision of statistical work and technical and consultancy services to public entities and private establishments.
10.    Provision of statistical services and data, implementation of surveys, and preparation of statistical research and studies.
11.    Transfer of knowledge and provision of recommendations for public entities to develop all information systems and statistical working mechanism to ensure the development of a comprehensive, accurate and unified statistical system and raise public awareness of the importance of statistical work.
12.    Provision of official statistics to public entities, private establishments, individuals and international authorities in accordance with statutory procedures.
13.    Monitoring of the competent regional and international authorities’ statistics about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and coordination with relevant entities thereon. 


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