03 Oct 2023

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Statistical Sector in Saudi Arabia

The statistical sector in Saudi Arabia is made up of a number of entities including the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) situated at the heart of the industry to activate and coordinate the inclusive statistical procedures carried out by directorates, units and departments. Thus, the information in its universal meaning is the product of the Kingdom's statistical industry. The public system established a department at every ministry and government body to collect statistical data on the work done by the same body. Also, it develops a practical program in cooperation with GaStat and follows its directives. The department is planned to regularly keep the GaStat updated with the outcomes. Later, a resolution was issued by the cabinet to approve the GaStat's Regulations. Under these regulations, the authority shall technically supervise and organize the whole sector and shape a comprehensive structure of the national statistical data base for different fields through a centric system of information that are thoroughly working from inside the authority to cover the nation. Also, it shall direct all the government information centers and statistical departments to create an electronic network that facilitates influx of information and statistical data.


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