03 Oct 2023

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Applying Inspection Methods in Statistical Surveys

The survey sample is part of a community that gives a real image from which to get information and to picture its reality in order to achieve the objectives of the statistical surveys and put up communicable cost-effective outcomes. In this context, only statistical entities can minutely manage sample survey questionnaires because they have the needed statistical platforms (population and establishment censuses) according to the geographical location. All regions shall be randomly covered according to the scientific statistical methods to guarantee equal representation for all statistical units. The family inspection units in family surveys are chosen according to the census while the institutions inspection units in the economic surveys are chosen according to the establishment census. On the other side, the statistical quality control is a must to maintain statistics quality, related procedures and perceptions in addition to properties that may affect reliability of data, info and indicators to meet the needs of beneficiaries. The quality control can be applied through a batch of procedures and statistical methods that assure match between collected data, info and indicators with the specifications and that fulfill the beneficiaries' satisfactions. They are a group of perceptions that are applied by the statistical survey samples.


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