Fri, 28 05 1438 | 24 Feb 2017

Strategic Transformation

With the increase of international trade and investment operations, economic and social changes, big data revolution, and development of mobile technologies and digital media, it was of utmost importance that statistical work keeps pace and copes with these rapid improvements. This was translated through the transformation of the Central Department of Statistics & Information into the General Authority for Statistics pursuant to Royal Decree No. 64283, dated 26/12/1436 H. This is intended to cope with customers’ needs requiring to establish strong partnerships with the General Authority for Statistics, predict current and future needs, unify sources of information and enable accessibility and provision of more innovative statistical products.

Thus, strategic transformation is achieved through exerting further efforts in order to ensure and meet customers focus and needs, establishing further partnerships to learn from past experiences, as well as ensuring a quality that meets the required objectives, and providing a unique set of statistical products and services.

Hence, the General Authority for Statistics has placed emphasis on quality and customers and upon which it has built strategic transformation initatives that focus on the following six major tracks: development of a customer focus strategy; development and harmonization of products and services; improvement of processes and methodologies; improvement of the IT and infrastructure quality; dissemination of the statistical culture; and capacity building. It has also structured all General Authority for Statistics’ functions, tasks and departments and moved forward towards achieving institutional development and excellence.