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The General Authority for Statistics is looking to lease a premise in the city of Riyadh


The General Authority for Statistics is looking to lease a premise in the city of Riyadh as its headquarter, as follows:

  1. The premises will be leased in accordance with the Law of State leasing and vacating of property and its implementing regulations.
  2. The premises must be new, well-maintained, and located on spacious main streets to facilitate access to the premises from several public streets.
  3. The offices areas must be not less than 15,000 square meters, must be multi-storey, and should have suitable open areas to be used as offices.
  4. The premises must have official and government permits, must be owned by executed legal deed, must be built by reinforced concrete and must have suitable and modern finishing.
  5. The premises must be thermally insulated as per a requirement of Saudi Building Code.
  6. The premises must have sufficient elevators for all floors with minimum capacity of 800 employees, including service elevators.
  7. The premises must have 700 of parking spot including a sufficient number of shaded outdoor parking for non-staff.
  8. The premises must have open spaces that could be used as conference or training room, including a theater if possible.
  9. The premises must be equipped with CCTV cameras, visual communication cameras, and recording cameras for rooms, as defined by GASTAT.
  10. The premises must have the guarantees for works and equipment, and provision of architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural and operational blueprints. It also must have safety briefing detailing all services of water, electricity, telephone, and sanitation by the implementing provider.
  11. The premises must have telephone and information technology networks, which enables the link with GASTAT’s head quarter. The owner is responsible for meeting the needs of equipment.
  12. The premises must have a sufficient space of private, public, and special needs toilet and kitchen at each floor.
  13. The premises must have desalinated water system.
  14. It is preferred that the age of the premises is not more than 10 years from the date of completion of construction.
  15. The premises must not be previously vacated by government body upon the request of the owner.
  16. The owner of the premises must not be one of GASTAT’s employees.
  17. The offer must have a declaration from the owner that contains his readiness to implement any modification or addition that deemed appropriate by GASTAT before concluding the contract without any compensation.
  18. The lease term of premises will be three years, renewable.
  19. The offer must have a copy of the deed, building permit, certificate from civil defense stating the availability of safety means in property, certificate from engineering office stating the safety of property infrastructure, blueprint of its location in the city of Riyadh in addition to the address and telephone number of the owner.
  20. The premises will be leased according to the inspection committee that will fully approves the optimal requirements and features of this property.


The offers must be submitted to the Deputy of Shared Services of GASTAT HQ by Tuesday, 28/5/1441H corresponding to January 12, 2021

For inquiries, please contact with Mr. Adel Alsaleh Tel:0508030606

E-mail: Or visit: